Dragon Riders Unite

For decades, millions of us have been entertained by the series of books my Anne McCaffery telling the tale of the Dragon Riders and their Dragons. This Twitter based role play group, is a casual group of role players who have fond memories of the stories and still enjoy them today. Join us and recreate the thrills and excitement of Pern. Sign up below for a spot in our RP group. It doesn’t matter which books you’ve read. If you know the basics you are good to go. A great place to learn and refresh on the facts go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pern. The next site is an excellent site. It has tons of facts including a list of Cannon Dragon Riders and their dragons though out the series. http://www.angelfire.com/wy/pern/


No bullying.

No killing another member if it’s not planned by all parties involved.

No killing another member’s dragon or fire lizard without the permission of that member.

Only one member can use the same Cannon or OC character. If more than one asks for the same character it will be first come first serve.

Only one member can use the name of a particular dragon. (So if member A’s dragon’s name is Bob, your dragon cannot be named Bob)

No multiple face claims please. (Everyone can’t use Mickey Mouse as a face claim. One person can use it the rest will have to choose from Donald Duck, Goofy or whoever else).


To Join: